V-Long Jsc
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VB805TV-E Plus

The high degree of stability of the rugged high compaction screed VB805TV-E Plus is achieved by the advanced control system for the hydraulically extendable sub- assemblies, where main screed, torsion housing and telescoping components are interconnected via guide tubes. With a basic width of 2,5 m the rugged construction of the telescopic screed VB805TV-E Plus ensures a high degree of stability essential for hydraulical extension to 5m and a paving width of up to 7,5 metres (with extension boxes). Controls for the screed heating system together with the tamper speed potentiometer are housed within a conveniently located lockable enclosure. Optionally equipment like vibration speed potentiometer together with digital display for tamper and vibrator speed is being offered.

Basic width 2.50 m
Working width, minimum (with reducing shoe) 2 m
Working width, hydraulic extendable 5 m
Working width, maximum 8 m
Width (sole plate) 350 mm
Heating system Electrical
Tamper frequency 26 Hz
Vibration frequency 60 Hz
Mass (basic width) 2800 kg