V-Long Jsc
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VB1105TV-E Plus

With a basic width of 3,0 m the rugged construction of the telescopic high compaction screed VB1105TV ensures a high degree of stability essential for paving widths of up to 9,0 metres. The VB1105TV can be extended hydraulically to 6,0 m. Extension boxes of 750 mm width on the high compaction Plus-version offer the opportunity of laying 6,0 to 9,0 m in a continuous variable way of adjusting. Controls for the screed heating system together with the tamper speed potentiometer are housed within a conveniently located lockable enclosure. Optional equipment like vibration speed potentiometer together with digital display for tamper and vibrator speed is being offered.

Basic width 3 m
Working width, minimum (with reducing shoe) 1 m
Working width, hydraulic extendable 6 m
Working width, maximum 9 m
Width (sole plate) 350 mm
Heating system Electrical
Tamper frequency 26 Hz
Vibration frequency 60 Hz
Mass (basic width) 3100 kg