V-Long Jsc
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LP6500 (Electrical)

The LP6500 is a duplex roller, ideal for compacting soil and asphalt. The machine is fully hydraulic which allows a small overhang enabling the roller to run close to obstructions, eg, walls. It is equipped with a large watertank, dead-man’s handle and push-stop. The machine can also be supplied with an electric starter.

Drum width 650 mm
Net mass 678 kg
Operating mass (CE) 716 kg
Theor. gradeability 35 %
Static linear load 5.50 kg/cm
Vibration frequency 61 Hz
Nominal amplitude 0.45 mm
Centrifugal force 21 kN
Manufacturer Hatz
Type 1D50S
Fuel Diesel
Rated power 6.80 kW
Rated power @ 2600 rpm